As a CIO, IT Executive, or Talent Acquisition Professional you have likely experienced these common challenges:

SAP Talent Acquisition is getting more expensive

Not only are salary levels increasing faster than the national average, but it’s so easy to waste money on poor advertising or recruitment fees for non-performers

The caliber of SAP leadership, business, or technical candidates aren’t up to par

For example, SAP candidates have robust resumes outlining their experience, but when you dig in further it turns out they don’t have the depth of experience their resume portrays, or they don’t have any relevant quantifiable accomplishments that would indicate a verified record of success.

It takes too long to fill critical SAP openings

By the time you’re ready to hire an SAP leader, your candidate of choice is either choosing between multiple offers or has already gone off the market. Top candidates stay available for an average of 10 days only before getting hired.

Project deadlines are impacted, leading to high turnover rates

A shortage of skilled SAP staff is impacting projects. Delayed project costs, increased hiring times, and increased workloads on existing staff are daily concerns for IT leaders. Due to the lack of SAP talent, organizations are having to focus on high-priority issues at the expense of training and planning, which is leading to team burnout, retention issues, and lost institutional knowledge.

Mis-hire risk within your SAP organization is on the rise

You’ve had new SAP leaders stay with the organization only briefly, but their negative impact is felt long after they leave. Decreased moral, increased turnover risk, missed project deadlines, and more stress on the current team members are all consequences felt.

Frustration with recruiters’ lack of domain knowledge

Recruiters who are not experienced in the SAP market and don’t truly understand hiring needs, role objectives, or candidate profiles are increasing your workload, and wasting your time having to review unsuitable resumes and interviewing mismatched candidates.

Recruiters aren’t putting your opportunity in front of every potential candidate

Recruiters only fill 1 out of 10 jobs they work on, so they lump your critical role in with all the others and only scrape the low-hanging fruit, the 18% of the candidate pool that is actively looking at any given time. They can’t afford to perform a deep-dive on a search they only have a 10% chance of filling, acting less like your agent and more like a broker trying to make a quick buck, leaving you holding the bag.

Your process for recruiting top SAP Talent lacks continuity

You don’t have a passive candidate pipeline or a system in place that can give you predictable results every time so every search has to start from scratch and feels like a game of chance (reactive vs proactive).