Want to hire an SAP Rockstar? But don’t know how to attract one?

…and tired of hiring duds?

Consider this…a sense of self-actualization is the most important and most shared characteristics of Rockstars across all industries.

The Bar-On Eqi assessment, the most widely used tool to measure emotional intelligence (with more than 500,000 tests given in 40+ countries), found that a sense of self actualization was by far the #1 trait shared by all top performers.

They want to grow their skills, expand their capacity, reach for the stars. They’re not afraid to sweat, or to take chances.

They’re not spectators. They’re IMPLEMENTERS. They don’t want to just push their limits. They want to shatter them.

They don’t chase money. They chase excellence, knowing that the money will come.

This is what makes a Rockstar a Rockstar. I would go so far as to say that if they do not have a strong sense of self-actualization, by definition THEY ARE NOT A ROCKSTAR. They are an average
performer at best.

☑️So the question you need to ask yourself is, does your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) ooze with potential?

☑️ Is the ability to self-actualize baked right in?

☑️ When a Rockstar hears your EVP, is it a no-brainer?

If not, you’re hamstringing your ability to recruit them, as well as keep the ones you have.

Hawaiian shirt Fridays and ping-pong tables in the break-room won’t get the job done.