The Kineta Group

In this 4th generation of SAP, where the demand for talent continues to outstrip supply during the tightest labor market the US has seen in 50-years, access to the top SAP talent has become ever-more critical to not only the success of companies in the SAP ecosystem, but the success of the individual SAP leaders themselves.

‘The War for SAP Talent’ has officially been declared, and The Kineta Group (TKG) is your surest path to victory.

Headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, we have consistently been recognized as the leading global executive search firm in the SAP space. Since 2010, our singular focus has been on one thing, and one thing only; you, the SAP Leader. Our mission is to help you, “Empower Your Enterprise” through hiring Rockstar talent.

We attribute our massive success not only to our SAP industry-focus, but also the 4 Pillars of our proprietary Rockstar Delivery System:

Total SAP Talent Map

Our near complete (98%) market map of North America’s entire SAP candidate pool ensures that you have access to automated deep talent search processes to identify the top 10% of talent.

1-To-Many (p)Recruitment

Our 24/7/365 digital marketing platform is an ‘always on’ platform that engages passive candidates and accelerates our ability to influence and attract the top-performers you want to hire.

Laser-Focused Engagement

Our unique hybrid blend of ‘old-school’ outbound executive search and ‘new-school’ inbound digital strategies ensure that every top-performer that matters is aligned with your opportunity.

Bullet-Proof Selection

Using our data-sets gleaned from thousands of interviews, we work with you to design a 5-part Bullet-Proof Selection Process that essentially ‘de-risks’ your hiring decision.

With our deep understanding of the ‘Candidate Buying Journey,’ we have the proven ability craft nerve-striking Employer Value Propositions that get hidden SAP Rockstars to sit up and take notice. Our clients no longer have to struggle to fill roles that normally may have taken months to fill, and they can now take their pick from their competitors’ best people.

We are true headhunters, recruiting in the digital age.

Each search assignment is carefully directed by our founder or one of his tenured search consultants, heading up a hand-picked specialty team tasked to cover the entirety of the SAP market. As an extension of our clients, and by our involvement in their executive-level strategic conversations, we are their digital recruitment arm. We work directly with the SAP leaders most affected by our hires, designing a bespoke recruiting solution customized to the unique demands of their SAP environments. Deploying that solution within our proprietary Rockstar Delivery System, we help them consistently field teams of top-performers and almost completely eliminate the risk of potentially disastrous mis-hires.

We are a Rockstar search firm, that can deliver you Rockstar hires that create Rockstar results. We help you become the Rockstar Leader you were meant to be.

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