Consider joining TKG’s SAP Leadership Think Tank. We believe that no leader should be an island, and we want to provide a space for SAP leaders to come together, exchange ideas, mentor (and be mentored by) other high performing leaders. We want to provide a like-minded community working to make the SAP world stronger and more vibrant.

Only bonafide SAP leaders with a proven track record are invited to apply. You must be a senior manager or higher (up through CIO), and you must be working for a company running SAP or a company servicing the SAP community. No spam or selling of any kind is allowed, and you must have a proven track record of success or you won’t get in.


Learn from SAP industry leaders on their stories; how they’ve overcome challenges, built teams, and found career success.


Have a question relating to SAP, leadership, or your career? Post it and learn from those who’ve been there before.


Finding great partners is the cornerstone for a rising career in SAP. Network with the best and the brightest in our industry (we only accept 10% of applications we receive)