Ready for a true test of your SAP leadership? Hire a Rockstar…

One of the earliest lessons I learned in the headhunting game was that people don’t work for jobs.

People work for people.

People don’t quit their jobs. They quit their leaders.

B and C players don’t mind working for other B and C players. In fact they prefer it, because it allows them to fly under the radar.

But Rockstars want to work for Rockstar leaders.

Rockstars are a different breed. They are thoroughbreds, and working for B or C-player managers are anathema to them.

They’re going to get frustrated and lose their inspiration for their work. They’re going to feel held back, and when Rockstars built for speed are held back, they leave. This is why exiting weak managers should be a new executive’s mission #1 when taking over the reins of an organization.

If you’re new to leadership, I’ll give you a piece of advice that I wish I had learned earlier in my own leadership career:

Rockstars will keep you honest. If you want to be in the Rockstar business, you better bring your A-game, and you better be constantly improving. Rockstars will 100% keep you accountable, and will call you out on your *you-know-what*. They
will make you a better leader over time, but you need the stomach for radical honesty.

Hire those that are so good, it’s intimidating. Rockstars will force you out of your comfort zone, and stretch your leadership capacity.

They will expose you for who you really are. A king or a pawn…