Our Track Record

Since 2010, The Kineta Group has dominated the talent acquisition landscape in the SAP market, and we’ve done so through a singular focus on one core mission; to help you “Empower Your Enterprise”

In this 4th generation of SAP, where the demand for talent continues to outstrip supply during the tightest labor market the US has seen in 50-years, access to the top SAP talent has become ever more critical to not only the success of companies in the SAP ecosystem, but the success of the individual SAP leaders themselves.

To that end, we don’t just focus on the companies we partner with. We haven’t forgotten about the individual SAP leaders, who’s careers are built on the quality of the teams they field. The rate of mis-hires in our industry is staggering at 46% (LeadershipIQ), and only 19% of all hires are considered successes. Lack of access to top-performing talent directly impacts leadership careers, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

In our 8 years in business, we’ve helped hundreds of SAP executives throughout the Fortune 500 as well as SME’s in the SAP services ecosphere fuel their leadership careers through the Rockstar talent we’ve helped them hire. We’ve placed the top 10% of SAP talent with our clients right from Analyst all the way through senior leadership and the C-Suite.

Our holistic approach to SAP talent is our difference. We realize that recruitment and hiring processes industry-wide are broken, and weakened by a KPI-driven staffing industry that cares more about the next quick placement than they do about the clients and candidates they serve. We wrap our arms around the entire recruitment process, supporting our clients across the pillars of our Rockstar Delivery System.

Total SAP Talent Map

Our near complete (98%) market map of North America’s entire SAP candidate pool ensures that you have access to automated deep talent search processes to identify the top 10% of talent.

1-To-Many (p)Recruitment

Our 24/7/365 digital marketing platform is an ‘always on’ platform that engages passive candidates and accelerates our ability to influence and attract the top-performers you want to hire.

Laser-Focused Engagement

Our unique hybrid blend of ‘old-school’ outbound executive search and ‘new-school’ inbound digital strategies ensure that every top-performer that matters is aligned with your opportunity.

Bullet-Proof Selection

Using our data-sets gleaned from thousands of interviews, we work with you to design a 5-part Bullet-Proof Selection Process that essentially ‘de-risks’ your hiring decision.

We’ve spent thousands of hours honing our Rockstar Delivery System to a razor’s edge, now the industry’s most progressive and high-tech solution to land the top performers in the industry. No other search firm, in the SAP space or any other field, has the same access to the wide array of digital storytelling tools that the Kineta Group does. We don’t work with every client who wants to work with us, but for the ones we do work with, their story gets intimately shared with every single top-performer in the SAP industry, on platforms no other search firm is utilizing.

To say we’re on the razor’s edge is an understatement. So much so, that our founder is one of the most sought-after digital marketing trainers in the recruitment industry.

We are “The SAP Recruiter” for a reason.

We are also proud to be part of Sanford Rose Associates Network, a top 10 retained executive search firm who’s been in business for over 50-years. Sanford Rose Associates offices have partnered with clients to fill over 100,000 positions globally, and is listed as the 9th largest retained executive search provider globally and in the U.S./Americas by industry tracking firm Hunt Scanlon Media (Executive Search Review). We are the only SAP-focused practice you will find on their top-10 list.

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