Looking For An SAP Rockstar?

You’ve got your work cut out for you.

The top SAP talent has easy access to open-source-data – salaries, market worth, employer-reviews, etc…

…and while you may not be directly competing for customers with the companies down the street from you, you are 100% competing with them for talent.

A top headhunter such as myself may even be talking with your most important key employee, right this very second…

Consider this:

FACT: SAP hiring costs are escalating
FACT: S/4 HANA got the market in a frenzy
FACT: It takes too long to hire for mission-critical positions…sometimes months, while your business-users are screaming for support

…which ratchets up the mounting pressures in the constant race to achieve and sustain alignment between business and IT

But the quality of candidates is down (job-board candidates just don’t cut it anymore)

…and the recruitment process lacks continuity: there’s a revolving door of low-cost body-shop suppliers that don’t understand their clients’ needs.

Sending the same 25+ page, “alphabet-soup” resumes as everyone else.

With little to no quality-control because they want to ‘tag’ the job-board candidate first before other agencies (HR rules apply).

Yet that that SAP Rockstar, working down the road, that can turn a team around and make a leader invaluable to senior-management…

With a pedigree and list of accomplishments any leader would drool over, yet can still fit on a 1-2 page easy-to-read resume…

Who never visits the job-boards, but is waiting for a call from a professional headhunter who actually listens to their career aspirations…

…is waiting. Waiting right there….

Want me to make that call?

…and guarantee them for a full year?

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