Our 7-Step SAP Rockstar Talent Solution, combined with our near 100% mapping of the entire North American SAP candidate market can land you that talent, guaranteed.

Our entire system rests on the 4 Foundational Pillars of Rockstar Talent that we have spent considerable investment in building over the years:

The 4 Rockstar Pillars

The 7-Step Rockstar Delivery System

Do you ever wonder why every search firm says they have a proprietary recruitment process, but they all look the same? One look at their ‘proprietary process’ listed on their websites or tri-fold brochures will tell you that you’re being underserved by a cookie-cutter, ‘monkey-see monkey-do’ industry.

Every search firm has the same pitch, the same proprietary process, the same guarantee…

  • Every search firm specializes in ‘really digging into the cultural fit of their clients’…

  • Every search firm only works with the top [fill-in-the-blank percentage] of candidates…

  • Every search firm has a combined [fill-in-the blank] years of industry experience…

  • Every firm passionately cares about their clients and candidate’s success (see the traditional recruitment model is broken)

If all of that were true, why do you get the same C-player candidates over and over again, who apply to the same job postings they copy and paste from your career site?

It’s because they’re trying to sell you a commoditized service at a premium price, which is why the moment you push back on their high fees they fold every time. It’s because they know you can go right down the road and get the same thing for cheaper. They just want to get your SAP role and 9 others up on the board, knowing they’ll close 1 out of 10.

Simply put, they’re candidate brokers, not recruiters. That doesn’t serve you, nor does it serve their candidates.

...and it gives the recruitment industry a bad name.

At TKG,  we’ve decided to flip the entire model on its head and offer a full end-to-end solution that’s never been seen in the SAP recruitment space.

Built on the foundations of our four Rockstar Pillars, our 7-Step SAP Rockstar Delivery System will show you how to engage with 98% of the SAP market, not just the 18% of the market who is actively looking at any given time, because we all know it’s highly unlikely that your next Rockstar hire is scouring the job boards.

When we take on a search with a preferred client, we map the entire SAP market, meaning every…single…potential…candidate that matches your performance profile is mapped and loaded into our candidate engagement campaign.  

Next, we finalize exactly what criteria a top-10% candidate for your unique SAP environment needs to fit, and we lock into those profiles like a heat-seeking missile, even if they have zero intention of leaving their jobs (that’s where the Rockstars live).

We then craft such a compelling story about you, your team, your company, and your vision that it’s a ‘no-brainer’ for your competitors’ top-performers to want to make the jump once they hear about your amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We deliver that message using a proprietary 24/7/365 inbound and outbound messaging campaign, getting your unique opportunity in front of those 10-percenter’s. We get your ‘no-brainer’ value-proposition in front of them repeatedly using every single digital and analog tool imaginable (that no other firms take advantage of).

We use your organization’s name right in the open, because Rockstars HATE playing the cloak-and-dagger game most recruiters have to play because they’re afraid of the candidate ‘run-around’ or of another firm hearing about your opening.

We bullet-proof your interview process with a 4-Part Assessment designed to completely de-risk your hiring decision, and the training and tools we give you will be some of the most valuable assets you’re going to carry with you as you propel your career forward. Imagine developing the as the leader who can consistently field a high-performing team in any company…

And we back all of that up with the strongest guarantee in the industry - 1 FULL YEAR …. that’s real skin in the game that no other firm can provide, no matter the platitudes you find on their cookie-cutter websites.


The Rockstar Retention Regimen

We provide on-boarding and retention training to you and the newly-hired
Rockstar, along with 30-day, 90-day, 180-day, and 1 year performance reviews to
benchmark against your Performance Profile, backed up by a 1-Year Guarantee

The Red-Zone

We work to make sure your Rockstar finalists are not only excited to join, but are
completely vetted through a backdoor referencing methodology and social media
review that will virtually guarantee a mis-hire doesn’t slip through the cracks.

The Bullet-Proof Interview

We work with you to design a Bullet-Proof Interview process designed to de-risk
the hire through a scorecarding system, competency and DNA interviews, as well
as ‘test-drives’ (working interviews) that are unique to your SAP environment.

The Performance Filter

We filter Rockstar-potentials through evidence-based assessment interviews based
on 7 key factors which weeds out the bottom 90%. The top 10% are presented
along with executive summaries, pre-recorded video interviews, and references.

The Rockstar Engagement Campaign

We leverage our strategic position to shout from hilltops about you, by utilizing a
multi-faceted 24/7/365 recruitment campaign to include: email, LinkedIn ads,
Facebook ads, personalized video, cold-calls, and even direct mailers.

The Market Map

We leverage automated database building process which provides a direct pipeline
to 98% of the entire market, accessing the top 10% of in-demand, results-driven
SAP talent not found actively seeking jobs.

The Discovery Session

We co-develop your Employer Value Proposition, interview top-performers to
create a benchmark, and create a Performance Profile to set expectations.

To learn more about how we’re completely changing the game, and why you want us in your corner and not your competitors, click below to read about Our SAP Rockstar Delivery System.