The mark of a great leader is the ability to field a team of top-performers if you want to be a Rockstar Leader, then you need a team of Rockstars supporting you

Our 7-Step SAP Rockstar Delivery System, combined with our near 100% mapping of the entire North American SAP candidate market can land you that talent, guaranteed.

Our entire system rests on the 4 Foundational Pillars of Rockstar Talent that we have spent considerable investment in building over several years:

The Rockstar Retention Regimen

We provide on-boarding and retention training to you and the newly-hired
Rockstar, along with 30-day, 90-day, 180-day, and 1 year performance reviews to
benchmark against your Performance Profile, backed up by a 1-Year Guarantee

The Red-Zone

We work to make sure your Rockstar finalists are not only excited to join, but are
completely vetted through a backdoor referencing methodology and social media
review that will virtually guarantee a mis-hire doesn’t slip through the cracks.

The Bullet-Proof Interview

We work with you to design a Bullet-Proof Interview process designed to de-risk
the hire through a scorecarding system, competency and DNA interviews, as well
as ‘test-drives’ (working interviews) that are unique to your SAP environment.

The Performance Filter

We filter Rockstar-potentials through evidence-based assessment interviews based
on 7 key factors which weeds out the bottom 90%. The top 10% are presented
along with executive summaries, pre-recorded video interviews, and references.

The Rockstar Engagement Campaign

We leverage our strategic position to shout from hilltops about you, by utilizing a
multi-faceted 24/7/365 recruitment campaign to include: email, LinkedIn ads,
Facebook ads, personalized video, cold-calls, and even direct mailers.

The Market Map

We leverage automated database building process which provides a direct pipeline
to 98% of the entire market, accessing the top 10% of in-demand, results-driven
SAP talent not found actively seeking jobs.

The Discovery Session

We co-develop your Employer Value Proposition, interview top-performers to
create a benchmark, and create a Performance Profile to set expectations.