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At The Career Hunters, we know how hard it is for professionals who, despite their experience, talents, and accolades, haven’t been able to reach the heights they know they are capable of.

…and we’re acutely aware of how the economic shutdown has made it even harder to compete and win.

You spend most of your waking life working, and that work becomes a drag when you know you’re not working up to your potential, or when you stop tackling new challenges.

The constant worry that you’ll be the next one furloughed or even laid-off, just makes it worse. You may even say it’s soul-crushing.

Our driving mission is to breathe new life into your career dreams by teaching you the most important skill you were never taught.

We call it The Campaign Method™

…but you can call it putting passion back into your career.

Your Career Gets A Lot More Fun When You Have The Freedom To Do What You Do Best

It’s Time To Add Horsepower To Your Career

The Career Hunters Toolkit

Learn how to ‘Recession-Proof’ your career with our toolkit, designed to give you the tools that real headhunters use to open up opportunities for their candidates at the highest levels.

In this toolkit, you’ll learn how to completely transform your LinkedIn profile to become an Opportunity-Attraction Machine, how to design a magnetizing Candidate Value Proposition that hiring executives can’t ignore, how to interview in a way that puts YOU in the Power Position, and networking secrets you won’t hear from your average career coach.

Learn The Campaign Method™

If you feel like your career has come to a screeching halt in the wake of this economic disaster, and:

You’re sick of scouring the job-boards and applying for jobs that are below your capabilities.

You’re sick of being ‘ghosted’ by recruiters.

You’re sick of interviews that ‘screen-you-out’ rather than ‘screen-you-in.’

Or bottom-line, you KNOW you can bring an organization massively more value to weather this economic storm than any of your peers, but you just need a way to get that in front of the Executive Decision-Makers that need you…

Then this will likely be the most important training you’ll ever watch.


Learn The Campaign Method™

In our flagship Campaign Method™ Program, we show you how to move from reactive bystander in your career search to a razor-sharp career tactician who takes control of your destiny.

This 8-week intensive will give you the exact blueprint on how to streamline your career search process, how to create a marketing campaign designed to cut around internal HR, how to create messaging designed to speak to the pain Executive Decision-Makers are feeling in this ‘new-economy,’ how to position yourself as the authoritative solution to solve those pains, and how to negotiate and secure a dream job where you can make a real difference in the world.

Talk to one of our Career Growth Advisors to learn exactly how you can launch your Career Campaign today.

Career Hunter Insights

…or in other words, our blog.

In our vast experience as headhunters, we’ve created a variety of frameworks and methods to help you ‘hack’ your career. This is where you’ll find our ongoing series on how to effectively scale your career-building efforts the right way, how to dial in the proper mindset needed to navigate the ‘new-normal’ of career progression, as well as strategies and tactics that you can start implementing now to ensure you are in the driver’s seat of your career.

Bookmark this page, because these frameworks and methods will be CRITICAL to your future success.

Your Window of Opportunity is Closing Fast

Q: When is the best time to plant a tree?

A: 20 years ago…

Q: When is the second best time?

A: Right now…

The same goes for future-proofing your career, and enuring that nothing, including a recession or even a depression, will stop you from doing your part to fuel our next economic boom.


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