Giving Back

In 2019, we will be doing our part to make education more accessible to kids around the world.

Every time you hire an SAP Rockstar from us, we will donate two bicycles to World Bicycle Relief, one in your name and one in your Rockstar’s name.


Walking is the primary mode of transportation for many people in the developing world. Everyday tasks can quickly become a struggle against time and fatigue. Going to school, visiting the health clinic, and delivering goods to market are more challenging because of the barrier of distance.


World Bicycle Relief (WBR) builds and distributes specially-designed, locally assembled, rugged bicycles. With the experience and expertise gained over the last 10 years designing and delivering more than 400,000 Buffalo Bicycles, WBR has developed an efficient, innovative and scalable model to successfully address the great need for reliable, affordable transportation in rural areas of developing countries.

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