A new study by Ladders has found that 67% of workers earning over $100,000 see themselves quitting in the next six months.

Think about that number for second… 67%.

That’s a full 2/3’s of your professional workforce who could see themselves (potentially) walking into your office and handing you a resignation letter in the next six months.

Also consider the US unemployment rate is at a 50-year record low, making the recruitment of top-performers almost impossible for most companies…

Those two facts combine to make this the tightest, and most competitive employment market in decades.

…and that has about 90,000 recruiters in the US salivating on what will be a gold rush.

This isn’t just a gold rush for recruiters however. Rockstar employees, the ones who can truly deliver amazing results for their employers, will be able to write their own tickets.

But don’t take my word for it. It’s a trend that can be seen across workers of all ages and all wage-brackets, including those who earn six-figures: Americans are quitting at the highest rate since 2001. More than 3 million workers voluntarily leave their jobs each month.

In the aforementioned study, Ladders surveyed more than 50,000 workers earning over six-figures and found that 67% see themselves at a different company in just six months.

“The gold rush of 2019 is on,”

says Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella who commissioned this study.

“With an incredibly strong employment market, more professionals than ever are on the lookout for a better future.”

Many of these professionals are making the jump for more money, as it’s common to see compensation increases between 15-25% for top-performers who jump ship.

Compare that to staying with a company long term, where 3-5% raises are the norm, and you can see why there’s so much churn in the SAP marketplace.

So ask yourself…when a headhunter calls your best team-member with a lucrative opportunity, what will they say?