Our capabilities

We focus on being a resource as you design and develop your career. The mission of our firm is to provide you with information, inspiration and a long-term perspective of the market as you move through your career. If you decide to look for a new role and we can assist you with that move providing guidance and counsel.


Speed, accuracy and value.  Our CXO practice has been being developed over the 30 years our firm has been in the medtech industry. We have the deep relationships with those who were engineers, product managers and sales persons who have grown their careers through the ranks and are now the executives in the medical device industry and we have been right there with them.

MedTech Search

Our firm has developed a unique strategy that has executed on more than 7,000 searches and gives us the furthest reach, greatest exposure and deepest expertise in the medical device industry. Our clients are able to leverage that as they build their organizations.

International Search

Our international search practice accounts for nearly 20% of our search business. We have activity going on all the time in the EU, UK, Middle East and Far East and attend industry specialty conferences every year in all of those regions.

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