My name is David S Patterson, The SAP Recruiter, Founder and Managing Director of The Kineta Group, and a member of the Sanford Rose Associates Network, a top-10 ranked world-wide retained search firm (Executive Search Review)

I help CIOs, IT Executives, and Talent Acquisition Professionals take their own careers to the next level by giving them the keys to accessing, hiring, and retaining the best SAP talent in the known universe.

I recognize that the only real litmus test that matters, for any leader, is their ability to field a team of top-performers. Your pedigree, your technical skills, who you know, your interviewing ability…all of those things are nothing but band-aids if you can’t fix the real issue: your ability to hire top-performers consistently.

It’s a sad but true fact that the SAP landscape is littered with the graves of leadership careers killed by mis-hire after mis-hire.

Think back…how many mis-hires have you had in your career? How many more do you think your career can take before it’s too late?

That’s where I come in.

Most top-performing SAP talent won’t peruse job boards, nor will they answer recruitment email blasts or cold-calls from recruitment rookies. For the last few years, and on behalf of my select clients, I’ve been perfecting the art and science of recruiting these rare and elusive Rockstars. To do so, I’ve perfected the art of crafting hair-raising Employer Value Propositions that speak to what Rockstars crave, designing bespoke recruitment campaigns to hand-deliver that message across every conceivable distribution channel, and most importantly, executing on that vision.

Bottom-line, if there is a Rockstar out there, somewhere in the universe, that can blast your performance numbers out of the water and make you look like a conquering hero to your senior leadership, board, or shareholders, we can find them, attract them, and empower you to hire them.

…and guarantee them for a full year.

No one else is doing what we’re doing in the SAP world.

No one…

I’m also very proud (and humbled) to be the most sought-after trainer in the recruitment industry, particularly when it comes to the cutting-edge digital storytelling tools that I constantly fine-tune in my SAP recruiting practice. I help my (non-SAP) search firm clients stand-up their own unique digital-storytelling platforms they use to help their clients hire Rockstars.

Through my clients, my system has helped leaders all over North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia consistently hire the best and brightest Rockstars their industry has to offer.

With myself and the Kineta Group, you get the original digital recruitment innovator, employing the original Rockstar Delivery System, backed by a top-10 global Executive Search Firm (Sanford Rose Associates).

I am The SAP Recruiter.

It’s time to Empower Your Enterprise.

It’s time to make you look good.